United Way of Rockingham County is the most effective and efficient way of supporting health and human services in our area.The dollars you contribute in a United Way campaign are combined with those of other generous givers and are used to deliver services to more people and in more ways than any of us could possibly do alone.


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United Way goes beyond merely fundraising…we seek to build up and serve our community by recognizing developing needs and creating opportunities to serve those needs. The United Way Board of Directors have recognized five goal areas of needs:

Help children and youth succeed through mentoring, education, character building, leadership training and quality childcare. (more)

Ensure Public Safety through emergency rescue and protection from domestic violence. (more)

Enable Older Adults to live in dignity and to support their independence. (more)

Optimize community and individual health through prescription drug services, vision screenings, hospice care, mental health counseling, and recreation opportunities.(more)


  • The Federal Poverty measure is only based on the cost of food. The Self-Sufficiency Standard is calculated using ALL basic needs without public/private assistance.
  • Between 1996 – 2016 the state of North Carolina has experienced the following increases:
  1. Child care costs increased by 243%
  2. Housing costs increased by 88%
  3. Healthcare costs increased by 188%
  4. Statewide earnings have only increased by 39%
  5. Rockingham County earnings have DECREASED since 2014 by -2.11%


  • The median annual income for Rockingham County is $38,126. The Self-Sufficiency Standard in Rockingham County for 1 adult, 1 preschool, & 1 school age is $40,717. The Federal Poverty guideline for that same family of three is $20,160. That means the gap between poverty and self-sufficiency is $20,577. 

The gap between the Federal Poverty Guideline and the Self-Sufficiency Standard encompasses more of our friends and neighbors every year. The programs/services sponsored by the United Way of Rockingham County seeks to help plug that gap. Whether it is through specialized educational programs taught in the schools (at no cost to the school system or teachers), a hot meal delivered to a homebound senior, or emergency crisis assistance for housing and utilities; the United Way of Rockingham County is there. Other programs/services funded also help fill the gap by provided dollars through quality youth programs, senior activities, end of life care, in school medical care for our high school students, and counseling services.

The United Way of Rockingham County is how our community comes together to assist our neighbors in meeting needs and problem solving. We focus on the areas of Health & Safety, Financial Stability and Education. When you give to the United Way of Rockingham County, your gift adds to those of others –TOGETHER we can make a difference. We need community partners like YOU to join with US to continue making a difference. Your LOCAL DOLLARS will meet LOCAL NEEDS!

For $2 a week for a year ($104 total) you can:

  • Provide 2 families with 5 days of food
  • Provide treatment for 1 student with strep throat
  • Provide 1 classroom embryology kit to study the life cycle in elementary school
  • Provide 3 classrooms curriculum for the Butterfly Program.
  • Mail 3 children reading books each month for a year
  • Provide 8 egg crate mattresses for Hospice patients
  • Assist the Help Inc domestic violence shelter with all types of needs for abuse victims from hygiene products, medications, and household needs
  • Keep the power on for 1 family this month
  • Send 1 child to camp for a safe summer