Simply put, United Way of Rockingham County brings together Local People to help raise Local Dollars to meet Local Needs.  To do this, they set Local Community Goals and Raise and Invest Funds in Local Programs and Services that are Monitored and Evaluated by Local People.

We are an independent non-profit organization that works through community partnerships to: help our students be successful in school, make sure basic needs are met, keep our community safe and healthy, and ensure independence and dignity for our elderly.

The programs funded through the United Way of Rockingham County generate sustained impact in our community focusing on Education, Financial Stability and Health & Safety. Programs are monitored and evaluated by a committee of local community members to ensure that donor’s dollars are making a positive impact. Through this transparency, you know exactly where your money is invested and the effect it has on our local Rockingham County community.

The following links will help you see how by doing this, United Way of Rockingham County is uniting the community to solve human care needs…


Fund Distribution Itemized List:

Funds Distribution 2017-2018 Pie Chart

Global Standards for United Way Organizations

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 Meet our Funds Distribution Committee 

Meet ordinary people making an extraordinary difference

Funds Distribution Committee (Picture)

(Front Row) Randy Hunt, Committee Chair; Honorable Christine Fields Strader, Charlie Hall, John Norwood, John Collins, Robbie Citty, Joy Chapel, Carol Holcomb, (Second Row) Ruthann Hodges, Heather Castle, Brad Penn, Tim Kemp, Rachel Scott (Not Pictured: Lee Ann Anders,  Arnold Robertson, Myra Ray