Congratulations and Thank You to all the Companies Who Made Last Year’s Campaign a Success! You are heroes…and thanks to you, Rockingham County and its residents continue to




Dear United Way Supporters,


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With the donation of your dollars, the United Way of Rockingham

County is able to support 17 partnering agencies with 32 programs and services. Several of these

programs would not exist or would be in financial hardship were it not for your assistance.

Here are a few behind the scenes facts about how your dollars help:


  • Help Incorporated: Center Against Violence uses your United Way dollars to sustain the Domestic Violence

emergency shelter; and as the basis for matching funds from other Federal, State and Private Grants

which they apply. Without your support, they would not be eligible for other dollars awarded to them.


  • Rockingham County 4-H provides all the materials for the Embryology curriculum taught in our 2nd

grade classrooms (chicken hatching and butterfly release).


  • Hospice of Rockingham County has never turned away an uninsured individual from care for lack of

financial means.


  • Thousands of youth are serviced with afterschool and summer enrichment programs including academic

tutoring and character development via the Eden Boys & Girls Club, Eden YMCA, Madison/Mayodan

Recreation Commission, Reidsville YMCA and Salvation Army.


  • High school students from across the county can seek healthcare services without leaving school

grounds thanks to Rockingham County Student Health Services.


  • Our elderly as assisted with home meal delivery via Meals on Wheels with Aging Disability and Transit

Services. Along with meals, human contact from volunteers goes a long way in brightening someone’s day.


  • All three Rockingham County Rescue Squads are supported with funding for continuing education training

and much needed equipment. Thanks to your dollars, when needed they are there.


  • Emergency assistance is provided to your friends and neighbors through the American Red Cross and

the Salvation Army of Rockingham County when it is needed the most.


  • Age appropriate books are provided to all registered children in Rockingham County birth to age five

through Rockingham County Partnership for Children.


The United Way of Rockingham County continues to be Local People donating Local Dollars to serve Local

Needs!! Thank you for all your help! Neighbors helping neighbors! If you have any questions or need more

information to make an informed decision on donation, please contact the United Way of Rockingham

County office @ 336.342.7768.



Casey Gammon Vincent

Executive Director




Board Volunteer of the Year Award 

Mrs. Tara Fargis
Board Volunteer of the Year with Executive Director Casey Vincent

Out Going President

John Collins with Executive Director Casey Vincent

100% Participation Awards

RC Student Health Centers
Cooperative Extension
Lincoln Elementary
Douglass Elementary
Dillard Elementary
Leaksville Spray
Monroeton Elementary
McMichael High School
Morehead High School
South End Elementary
RC Register of Deeds

Super Platinum Award 


John Norwood and
Karen Baker

Williams Transco Gas Pipeline

Platinum Awards

Duke Energy

Karastan – Division of Mohawk

HomeTrust Bank

McMichael Family Foundation

Gold Awards

City of Eden
Reidsville Grocery
Central Elementary
Community College
Douglass Elementary
Leaksville Spray

Silver Awards                                                 

UNC Rockingham Health Care
Annie Penn Hospital
First Citizens
Hospice of Rockingham County
Bethany Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
McMichael High School
South End Elementary
Williamsburg Elementary
Dillard Elementary
RC Student Health Centers

Bronze Awards

Remington Arms
City of Reidsville
First National Bank
Huntsville Elementary
Morehead High School
Reidsville High School
Reidsville Middle School
Stoneville Elementary
Wentworth Elementary

Fund Distribution Committee (FDC)

Randy Hunt, JR Cecil, John Collins, Angela Fowler, Rachel Scott, Heather Castle, Carol Holcomb (not pictured: Tara Fargis, Arnold Robertson, Tim Kemp, Robbie Citty, Lee Ann Anders, Morgan Moore, Debbie Moore, Fred Thompson, Sheila Regan)