Below is a list of the programs that we currently help fund, and the agencies that provide them. This page also includes current UWRC initiatives or events.

Educational Programs

  • Scholarship Dollars (Boys and Girls Club)
  • Scholarship Dollars (4H)
  • Summer Adventures (4H)
  • School Enrichment (4H)
  • Leader Training (4H)
  • Youth Enrichment Programming (Eden YMCA)
  • Youth Enrichment Programming (Reidsville YMCA)
  • Life Long Leisure (Madison/Mayodan Recreational Center)
  • Hoops for Life (Madison/Mayodan Recreational Center)

Public Safety Programs

  • Residential Services (Help Inc)
  • EMT Support (Eden Rescue)
  • EMT Support (Madison Rockingham Rescue)
  • EMT Support (Reidsville Rescue)

Public Health Programs

  • Under/Un/Indigent Residential Support (Hospice)
  • Meals on Wheels (ADTS)
  • Share a Meal (Salvation Army of Rockingham County)
  • Get Fit (Madison/Mayodan Recreational Center)
  • High School Healthcare (Rockingham County Student Health Centers)

Financial Stability Programs

  • Emergency Rental/Housing and Utility Assistance (Salvation Army of Rockingham County)