Everyone deserves to live in safety. Here are the words of one young woman who has found safety for herself and her family, thanks to donations to United Way of Rockingham County:

Please accept this letter as heartfelt gratitude to all of the staff of Help, Incorporated and the work that you do. I came into shelter with five children, two of them being four-year-old twins. I had nothing but knew that I could not have stayed one more night with my husband. Every time he beat me, I knew that it could be fatal and I couldn’t bear the thought of my children growing up without me, with no mother to care for them.
Freedom House has a good name, because I felt free and safe for the first time in a long time. The staff allowed me and my children to stay there for almost two months, giving me time to begin the healing process and to get a job and a place to live. While I was there, the staff helped my twins get into a Head Start program in Rockingham County, provided counseling and the true support that me and my children so desperately needed.
On behalf of my family and of all the families that come to Help, Incorporated, I would like to say thank you for all of the blessings you brought to us. Please continue to provide your services for which there is a great need.

This courageous woman forged tremendous hardships just to be allowed to live without abuse. She is currently living independently, working and allowing her children to benefit from all available educational resources. She is just one of so many who have benefited from the refuge of our shelter for battered women. If it were not for the funding we receive from our friends at the United Way of Rockingham County, we could not offer these critical services.

—- Angie Boles, Executive Director, Help, Incorporated
Together, we ensure public safety through emergency rescue and protection from domestic violence.