For more than 60 years, she has lived in a modest 3-room house in Rockingham County, a home she still heats with a wood stove.  She recently turned 101 years old and still lives independently, enjoying a very simple life.

Through the years, she has given graciously to others, serving as a missionary in Africa and raising multiple foster children.  Her tireless giving is now being reciprocated through Meals on Wheels, allowing our community to give something back to her in her time of need.

Each time a Meals on Wheels volunteer appears at her door, her face lights up.  She always prays with the volunteers, asking for them to be blessed as she feels blessed with the services Aging, Disability & Transit provides for her through Meals on Wheels.  She refers to our volunteers as “her little angels.”

Stories like this one Meals on Wheels recipient are repeated countless times every day across Rockingham County thanks to the selfless volunteers who deliver the meals and to your generous support of United Way of Rockingham County.

Together, we enable older adults to live in dignity and support their independence.