Sometimes optimizing community and individual health means that a student receives care for injuries that are limiting his or her ability to perform well.

A young man with a poor academic record arrived at the student health center of his high school for a physical exam. He wanted to participate in sports the following year. The Nurse Practitioner’s exam revealed a ruptured eardrum.

Although the student had been unaware of his injury, his family had recognized a problem, but had not taken him to the doctor. They had no insurance.

The Nurse Practitioner referred the young man to an area physician who repaired the eardrum. With his restored hearing, the student received more than just the ability to participate in the sports program at his school. To his surprise, he was also able to participate more fully in the classroom. Before long, his academic standing had improved.

For this young man, a visit to the student health center opened the doors to academic success and created a change for a lifetime.

Your contributions to United Way of Rockingham County made it possible for a young man to achieve success on the playing field of life. With a strong, healthy body and a solid education, he is prepared for the future.

Together, we optimize community and individual health through student health centers, hospice care, counseling and recreation opportunities.