2016-2017 CAMPAIGN KICKOFF! – AUGUST 1, 2016

2016-2017 Campaign Kickoff! – August 1, 2016

United Way of Rockingham County will be hosting this year’s campaign kickoff once again on the campus of Rockingham Community College. This year’s campaign theme is “Make Change Happen”. The United Way of Rockingham County is how our community comes together to assist our neighbors in meeting needs and problem solving. We focus on the areas of Health and Nutrition, Financial Stability, and Education. When you give to the United Way of Rockingham County, Your gift adds to those of others – Together we can Make Change Happen! People in our community need our help. We need community partners like YOU to join with us to continue making a difference. United Way of Rockingham County is NOT a top down organization. We are a local board, making local decisions, to help local agencies. Your LOCAL DOLLARS will meet LOCAL NEEDS!